Our Story

Iggtglobal started as an Idea in a cramped office with one table and two chairs, we are now a family of 50+ sitting across 4 continents, We continue to work with our client base of Fortune 500 Corporations across Government and Military Contractors, Oil & Gas Companies, Industries and Design Companies.

At Iggtglobal we believe market diversification is the key to sustainable growth and considerable effort has gone into starting divisions within the company as well as setting up offices overseas.

Our foundation, built by our team of highly skilled professionals have both the drive and the expertise to take our company to the next level, We credit our people who made this company a family, Good people who offered us support on our journey and people who inspire us to carry on.

At Iggtglobal we love what we do and we love doing it right. We work long hours, love a good challenge and will respond to your call regardless of the time zone we are in.

We get you what you need, deliver it where you want it and get it done when you want it done.