Who We Serve

Iggtglobal prides itself on being a trusted service provider of choice across Diversified Industries and Markets in the Region.

Remote Site Contractors
If you are a Remote Site Contractor working in some of the harshest environments of the world setting up an expeditionary military camp or working for a Non-Government Organization managing relief Supplies, We are your one stop shop for all your Procurement and Logistics Solutions.

Offshore Rigs
We provide Custom Safety Solutions to Offshore Rigs and Drilling Companies, Critical Spares and Custom Fabricated Solutions on time to ensure the operations carry on without any downtime.


Marine Engineering & Ship Builders
If you are a Ship Builder, Ship Repair or a Waste Water Management Company, Our High Pressure Fittings Division stocks European Make Valves, Pipes and Fittings, we represent various European Brands supplied with the requisite test certificates.

Refineries & Smelters
Our Automation division works with some of the world’s largest Refineries and Smelters in the region, We stock and supply Automation Spare Parts and Components, We carry 400+ Brands in our range.

oil refinery plant
steel indutry

Steel and Cement Industries
Our Carbon Brush division specializes in the custom made solutions for the Cement and Steel Industries; We manufacture Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders and Slip Rings.

Interior Design
Our Furniture Fittings Division works with Design Companies and Joinery Workshops, As the sole Distributors of high quality Brands in the middle east we work with Design companies on Luxury Projects across the region.

Interior Design