Cooling Towers

IGGTGLOBAL carries out Design, Installation, Maintenance and Upgrades of existing cooling towers, supplying spare parts for industrial cooling towers of any type and make. In case of emergencies, we are ready to get your Cooling Towers operating again in the shortest time. Our teams are made of experts trained for Repairs and Maintenance of all types of industrial Cooling Towers whether the Cooling Towers are online or offline.

The maintenance of the cooling tower is very important because it ensures the effectiveness of the industry cooling tower. Cleaning and maintenance of cooling tower louvers, Cooling Tower Air Inlet Louvers are necessary because they can prevent corrosion, buildup and clogging which can lead to a breakdown in the system.

A cooling tower’s performance is largely dependent on its design and its condition. Regular cleaning and maintenance services are important for keeping the louvres free from any buildup or clogging which can reduce the performance of a cooling tower.

Service & Supply agreements can be tailor-made to meet client-specific requirements both in terms of scope of supply involved and frequency of service.